Having a variety of fitness levels to consider is the bane of existence for many senior community activity directors. With Nintendo Wii Fit and other gaming console fitness technology programs residents and activity directors can set up specialized and personalized programs for each resident. The software within these types of fitness technology is equipped to ask several questions of the user. These questions, including a height and weight check, lead the software down a path to create a personalized fitness experience. As the user begins to reach their goals, the system asks new questions and new goals are set. For a resident that can only do a few minutes a day or a certain level of fitness each day these programs are ideal. Variety of Fitness Programs Too often, with senior community fitness programs, the activities are the same with no real adjustments to the plan. This would set boredom in anyone and cause them to avoid participation occasionally or entirely. With console gaming fitness programs boredom does not have to be a factor. The Wii Fit program offers a variety of fitness programs and activities with various level options. Yoga, bowling, tennis, walking and jogging programs are just a few of the programs offered through console fitness gaming. The variety continues with the options of changing fitness goals and fitness levels offering new scenery, adjustments in workout plans and increases in intensity. Consultations Console gaming based fitness programs all have one thing in common. Each program offers a form of fitness consultation. These consultations offer a variety of services for the user and act as a fitness counselor of sorts. The system will ask questions that start with a height and weight check. The weight check is generally done on a USB connected fitness board or mat with weight sensors. After this height and weight check, the system will immediately evaluate how much weight the user should loose and begins to set goals for the user. These goals adjust according to the users answers to fitness based goal questions. As the user begins to meet those goals, new consultations will appear and goals adjust.

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