As customer support has moved at a rapid pace towards virtual channels in the region of the phone, customers are using greater than simply words to specific their compliments and complaints. More and greater, they’re using emojis – simply as though they have been texting to a friend.
Digital customer service platform issuer Sparkcentral currently completed an evaluation of clients the usage of emojis in logo communications and found a few very exciting consequences. The enterprise has constructed an “emoji cloud” record – similar to a phrase cloud but with the omnipresent icons as a substitute – to represent all the emojis that are utilized in diverse customer support experiences like chat periods, direct messaging and social media.
“The emoji cloud is a new manner to represent statistics,” stated Sparkcentral’s CEO Joe Gagnon. “The cloud metaphor here lets in us to examine the emphasis of each of the exclusive emojis that a client may have and look for patterns in those emojis as they talk to a customer support rep or the rep speaking to them so that we will begin to draw some insight from how humans are feeling in the interim of interplay.”
The emoji clouds are interactive, so a person can click on an emoji and we drill into the customer sentiment via examining the real message which used the photograph.
“Why it topics is it gives us a real-time manner of interpreting how customers are feeling approximately the enterprise or approximately a product,” Gagnon stated. “And at a completely human level, that emoji is taking pictures more than simply the statistics. It’s the feeling, which of direction is what we’re all trying to get at.”
The trend of using emojis in customer service communications has been hastened via the emergence of private messaging because the preferred channel of desire for each client and organizations – specifically in view that its miles often applied on mobile devices.

Consumers like speaking with brands via private message – suppose Facebook Messenger or Twitter DM – because they can state their trouble after which go about their day while understanding that an empowered social media agent is looking into it for them. There’s no ready on preserve or for “agent is typing…” in chat classes, and the entire records of the conversation are saved for destiny use.
Companies like private messaging due to the fact, well, it’s private. So proceedings approximately the products or offerings are saved to a one-to-one engagement in place of being shared publicly with the sector.
Private messaging offers familiarity for customers as it works similar to texting, and that’s where many human beings use emojis to explicit themselves. It is therefore unsurprising that emoji utilization comes in conjunction with the transition to messaging in customer service.
Gagnon said emojis can provide a closer investigate consumer sentiment than ever before.
“We can simply have a look at records at a deeper and richer stage to permit us to assess how we’re doing as a business,” he stated. “So we see this as a large rising trend going past simply reports and into using emojis as a manner to in reality apprehend customer satisfaction and sentiment.”
Like the vintage adage says, a photo is worth one thousand words.
Kelsey Walsh, the social media customer support supervisor at Zappos, said that “emoji clouds are an exceptional visible manner to look at each patron emotion and agent emotion. We feel like they constitute a greater realistic sentiment than simply counting on phrases alone.”

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