It has been 50 years for the reason that international first heard Neil Armstrong’s well-known word: “That’s one small step for a man, one giant jump for mankind.”
It changed into certainly a massive jump for mankind however it additionally heralded a brand new age of design and invention.
Many of the ground-breaking technologies used by scientists in the Apollo missions and other area exploration projects are still used in everyday existence on Earth.
Here are several space innovations which might be particularly out of this global…
The ability to extract relevant statistics from patent literature is a critical success element for every body worried about technological innovation. The era mapping technique’s that may be used to convert patent records into knowledge which could impact choice-making.
Patents are an essential source of technological intelligence that companies can use to benefit strategic benefit. Technology Intelligence is a can be used for collecting, analyzing, forecasting, and handling outside generation associated information, along with patent data. Computational patent mapping is a methodology for the improvement and application of an era knowledgebase for technology and aggressive intelligence. The primary deliverables of patent mapping are within the form of information visualization thru panorama and maps. These maps offer valuable intelligence on technology evolution/revolution, nature of various styles of pioneering; large; natural; and rising players, cutting-edge assessment, etc.
These sorts of technological maps will show to be a precious multiplier in R&D and commercialization activities, in various approaches consisting of the following:
o Developing similarly insights in reaction to strategic necessities and coverage formula in the agency
o Forecasting and figuring out technological activities and tendencies inside the industry
o Aiding inside the visualization of alternative improvement and growth paths available to the employer
o Enabling pre-emptive popularity and motion on capacity licensing opportunities
o Identifying potential companions and customers
o Identify technology discontinuities and regions of opportunities in their selected technologies
o Monitor and compare the technological process of competitors and potential competitors
o Support choices on foray and investment into specific technology and sub-technology
o Surveillance of technological progress of competitors as well as to alert oneself to new entrants to the sector
o Spotting of white spaces or possibility regions inside a dense technological area
o A creative tool to stimulate new thoughts and create new IP
o Complementing company IP filing strategiesPatent mapping can be an integral part of IP management. It can uncover valuable information hidden in patents and can provide useful indicators for technical trends, market trends, competitors changes, and technological profile and innovation potential of a company. Patent maps are visual representations of patent information that has been mined and aggregated or clustered to highlight specific features. There is a high degree of flexibility in visualization, which may be in the form of time-series or as spatial maps. We provide a more market and technology-oriented analysis of the complete set of patent portfolio assets via our patent mapping services. Patent mapping can be used to ascertain the quality of patents with respect to prevailing technology and the extent to which patents affect the technology. This is a valuable input in technology sourcing/development and R&D decisions. Patent mapping can be indispensable for both firms that have an under-utilized patent profile and are looking to license/assign it at the most favorable terms, as well as to firms that are looking at developing patent portfolio strength in a particular technological field.

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