Russia’s sports activities ministry has refused to include cricket on its sign-in of officially recognized sports activities.
The order becomes issued on 15 July – the day after England’s dramatic Cricket World Cup final win over New Zealand.
Among the sports activities formally regarded in Russia are petanque, draughts, and mini-golfing.
Exclusion from the reputable list does no longer quantity to a ban but does suggest cricket will now not be eligible for assist from the sports ministry.
Alexander Sorokin, a member of the Moscow Cricket Sports Federation, said the refusal turned into down to mistakes in its utility for inclusion at the ministry’s sign up.
He told the TASS news enterprise the federation could practice again next year for a reputable reputation, adding that he become assured of success.
Muay Thai, or Thai boxing, changed into the alternative game now not acknowledged by way of the ministry in its 15 July order.
Social media customers have reacted with derision at the information.
“Cricket is often watched via two billion people – it’s miles the maximum famous recreation in India, Pakistan and other elements of the previous British Empire. Therefore, they’re a touch fearful of this Anglo-Saxon sport in Russia,” joked famous Twitter account Yekhidniye Tvity (Sarcastic Tweets).
“The sports ministry has refused to realize cricket and Thai boxing (Muay Thai) as legit sports activities in Russia. Meanwhile, in Russia, there exists a cricket federation or even a national crew,” tweeted the RBC commercial enterprise each day.

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