In the customer service industry, it’s on occasion hard to distinguish between fact and delusion. The industry is evolving so rapid that the various gamers in the market now and again warfare to preserve up. This makes it fertile ground for false notions, fads and poisonous myths.
It is critical for experts and business proprietors to balance these myths with the fact with a purpose to serve their clients successfully and additionally grow profitably.

To help make certain these false notions are not contributing detrimentally to your provider shipping, this newsletter is dedicated to busting six greater commonplace customer service myths.
#1. Satisfaction Automatically Means Loyalty

Here we dissect myths that effect on aspects of pride: Customer satisfaction and employee pride.
1a. All Satisfied Customers Are Loyal.
Wrong, pleasure is no longer sufficient. While dependable clients are likely satisfied, it doesn’t mean that everyone satisfied client is one hundred% dependable!
Customer loyalty comes from the dynamics of factors; Satisfaction “the high-quality studies derived from the consumption of your services and products”, and Image “the belief that your emblem creates voluntarily (communique, marketing, innovation) and involuntarily (phrase of mouth, the press, the web, your share price).
To nurture and maintain dependable customers, your emblem should rank above common on both elements. Merely fulfilling clients is no longer sufficient!
1b. Satisfied Employees Will Create Loyal Customers.
This is not completely true. While studies display that every so often there may be a hyperlink between satisfied employees and client loyalty, in maximum groups this is not the case. Satisfied employees are likely to assist customers more pleasantly and offer a better level of customer support, however, they ought to now not be stressed with engaged employees.
It is crucial to distinguish among worker pride and employee engagement. An employee can be happy with a task and yet remain unengaged.

Employee satisfaction refers back to the diploma of contentment employees have with the phrases & conditions of employment. This does no longer imply they may now not pass “above & beyond” their traditional efforts. For example, inside the public area, employees can be satisfied due to the dearth of stress on them; this doesn’t imply they’ll make the effort to satisfy their clients.
An engaged worker is a worker who is passionate, deeply worried and inclined to put in discretionary attempt into their work – they’re dedicated to their organizations. It is the engaged personnel that makes a contribution to the advent of aggressive advantage and patron loyalty.
#2. Social Media Is The Fastest Way To Get Customer Service
Social media is the modern-day addition to customer support channels and it already converting how brands interact with customers. This does now not always make it the quickest way to get assist, because the responsiveness of dealers will depend without delay at the organization’s investments in this place.
For example, if an emblem has assigned just one customer service agent to control its social media channels, and a hundred to answer the telephone, clients are going to get a faster guide through the usage of the voice channel.
Some brands are already making an investment big time in social media. LIDS constructed a social media command center, prepared with 8 55-inch flat-display TVs that assist in tracking their social site visitors and insights. This permits them to reply to customer interplay or industry information proper away.

Social media has the capacity to be a real-time customer support channel best if a logo is willing to invest and allocate the proper assets to make this viable.
#three. Different Channels have to Exist As Silos
Silos make it difficult to provide steady patron experiences across exclusive channels. Today’s clients will attain out in your agency thru something channel is maximum handy or secure for them and anticipate that no matter their preference, they will acquire the same quality of provider.

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